How to behave on a dating site

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Welcome to where we aim to bring our readers up to date information about what is going on in the world of escorting. Whilst we are not an agency ourselves, we work with the leading players in the industry to bring you a brilliant escorting experience and help you make informed services about the provider you choose.

If you are a seasoned user of escort dating services you will know that honesty and reliability are what set agencies apart, and in terms of the sites we endorse here, then we can say that these are agencies that have never let us down on either front. If, like many reading this, you are new to using the services of an escort then we will aim to help you out so you know what to look out for when booking. And it’s got to be said that the Men’s Stuff approved escorts are the best and J London escorts are great too.

The first thing is honesty. Number one rule is the availability of the girls pictured on the site. If you call an agency and they offer you the services of girls who’s portfolios are just being produced because all the other girls are booked then chances are, the girls on the site are just stock pictures and were never actually available in the first place. When you have found a girl who is available then ask by telephone or email how recent are the pictures, more than a couple of years old should set alarms bells ringing. The final thing to do is check out some of the escort review sites to see if the girls have any ratings.

The next thing is reliability and this works in two ways. The first being is the agency reliable in terms of the girls turning up on time, in the right place and dressed to your specification. You should be clear about what the date entails and the girls will be fine with all but the most outrageous requests for attire, if unsure, just ask! The girls need to turn up where you say you should be meeting and be discreet, particularly when meeting you in your hotel room. Time keeping is very important and you should not be let down unless exceptional circumstances prevail.

Their is one more thing to consider. The agency should be professional and discreet with their dealings with you. They should not retain your details, nor ever contact you unsolicited. Your privacy should their utmost priority.

If you are new to escort dating then do not worry if the girl expects to be paid up front. This is not unusual and is to ensure that the date passes smoothly. Finally, best of luck and enjoy the company of your escort date.